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Seated off the coat of Luzon in the Philippines sits Balesin Island. This privately-owned island is a hotbed for tourism in the local area.

The Climate of Balesin Island

Balesin Island has a unique climate in comparison to many other places in the Philippines. The island really only deals with two seasons, and they couldn’t be any more different.

Between November and May is the amihan season. There is very little rain at this time, and the wind can be substantial. However, the temperature will be fairly mild.

The rest of the time you will be in habagat season. It is here that the weather will be exceedingly hot and humid. There will be intense rains. There can often be massive tropical storms across the island.

Travel to Balesin Island

Travel to Balesin Island is mostly carried out by boat, where it is roughly a four-hour boat trip. However, there are often planes running from Manila to Balesin. These will take around 25-minutes for a trip. It is the more expensive option, but, of course, it will get you there a whole lot quicker.

Where to Stay on Balesin Island

Since the island is owned by a private corporation, you have just one option with regards to where to stay. This is the Balesin Island Club. Everything that you do on the island will likely involve the Balesin Island Club in some way. This is because they are the company that provides the amenities on this private island, while at the same time ensuring that everything is kept in perfect condition.

The Balesin Island Club offers your typical amenities for a luxury hotel on a private island. This means a spa, countless sporting activities, and various excursions around the area. This is all backed up by some of the most beautiful accommodation that is on offer here in the Philippines. Of course, they offer some tremendous culinary delights too.

Things to do on Balesin Island

This is a tourist island, that was mostly constructed so that people could sit back and relax. As a result, there is very little in the way of ‘sights’ to see here, other than exploring the beautiful scenery that Balesin Island is known for offering.

There are select water sports offered on Balesin Island. Perhaps the most prominent of these will be snorkelling and diving. The corporation that owns the island maintains several coral reefs around the area. These are packed to the brim with beautiful, tropical seawater fish.

A normal stay on Balesin Island will often be characterized by long, relaxing evenings enjoying the beautiful weather, as well as exploring the amenities that the hotel has to offer. Do remember that while this is a tourist destination, it is not your typical tourist destination in the Philippines. It has been designed to be a bit more ‘upper class’, and it does carry a price that reflects that.

You may also wish to enjoy horse riding and mountain biking around the beautiful landscape during a trip to Balesin Island.

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Balesin Island

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