Best Asian Countries to Visit in Winter

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If you want to travel during winter, you may be wondering what are the Best Asian Countries to Visit in Winter there are many Asian countries that are worth considering. From Thailand to the Philippines, you can visit all these countries for less than £50/day. Read on to learn more.

These countries are beautiful at any time of year. And while many of them are beautiful all year round, the winter season is especially magical. Throughout the winter, Japan celebrates a variety of holidays. For instance, on Seijin no Hi, or the day people turn 20, the country is decorated for every holiday. Even the decorations change to celebrate different holidays.

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Fall is a perfect time to travel to Laos because the country becomes less humid and more pleasant, with no high humidity or rain. November is also an excellent time to visit cultural sites, as the rivers are still full from recent rainfall. October is also a great time to bag some shoulder season bargains. Also, Luang Prabang is aglow with lanterns and Lai Heau Fai, a festive festival where locals send paper boats down the Mekong river.

In the winter, the temperatures in Thailand are pleasant and the country’s climate is tropical. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and other northern cities are especially pleasant. Outside of November-February, the country experiences extreme weather, especially in the north, where you’ll see a lot of smoke. In contrast, Laos enjoys a tropical climate and dry weather during the winter. The downside is that Laos lacks a rail network and road infrastructure.

The Philippines is one of the most popular destinations in the world, but it doesn’t have to be so cold to be a fantastic winter getaway. The Philippines’ climate is ideal for exploring the snow-capped mountain ranges. It’s also relatively close to many of the world’s top beaches. And because it is close to Asia, you can visit most of the continent’s top cultural destinations even if you don’t have a visa.

Autumn is the best time to travel to Malaysia – the country is drier and the weather is cool and wet, although the west coast is often rainy. During this month, Singaporeans flock to Penang and Langkawi, which are at their most beautiful. In contrast, the east coast is drier and hotter throughout the year, thanks to the breeze from the South China Sea. May is also the best time to enjoy diving in the Perhentian Islands, Redang and Tenggol, and the beaches of Langkawi.

When it comes to climate, Singapore has a tropical climate, which means that it doesn’t have a particular season. There’s no rainy season, although it does experience a monsoon at the end of the year. Singapore’s temperatures remain warm throughout the year and the humidity is high, which is typical of tropical countries. While the temperature might be cold during the winter, it is still very pleasant all year round.

December is the start of the “dry” season, when the island nation is dry and warm. This month is also one of the cheapest times to visit, and the rainy season is over. While rainfall is still common, it’s minimal and makes sightseeing more pleasant.

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