Guide to Travelling Japan For 2020


When compared to western culture, Japan is about as alien as it gets.  It is so removed from western culture and norms that you feel like you are on another planet.

For many people who travel, they want to experience the extraordinary and throw themselves into a completely new way of life, which is why Japan remains one of the most popular tourist destinations today.

The food, the people, the cities, the architecture, the landscapes, everything in Japan appeals to the senses and fills you with wonder as you experience it all.

Arriving in Japan

Most people’s first stop will be Tokyo.  With a population of 35 million, and endless skyscrapers stretching for miles, it can be a tricky city to navigate.  It is the largest metropolitan area in the world, and space comes at a premium.


Typical apartments are tiny, and the hotel rooms are compact, with capsule hotels being very popular in Japanese cities.

Getting About

Then there is the transport.  The infamous Tokyo subway system is one of the busiest in the world, and you may have seen videos of staff cramming passengers onto trains.

The roads are engineering marvels, with mega lane highways in and out of the city with endless on and off ramps snaking their way through buildings.


No Japanese guide would be complete without mentioning the food.  For many travellers, this is one of their biggest worries, but when they get there it becomes their favourite part of their stay.

Food in Japan is cheap, ready available and totally different to anything you would expect to see back home.


Sushi is naturally one of the go to dishes in Japan, and there is a whole host of on the go food to be found in Japan.

Japanese snacks are notorious for travellers, as the flavours seem to be completely random and the presentation is always interesting


If you are reading this article, the chances are you are already in the process of arranging a trip to Japan, or you are at least thinking about it.

My advice, go, you will love it and remember it forever.