In Pursuit of Palawan

In a lengthy and extensive discussion of Palawan, it is difficult to avoid the use of superlatives. The land, after all, is the largest province in the Philippines. It is home to some of the country’s most untouched areas, even though it is also among the most popular of its tourist destinations. And then there’s the moniker; there are many provinces here, and yet Palawan is the only one found fit to be called the country’s “last frontier.” This is a grand title, to say the least, but one can hardly challenge that.

An archipelago, Palawan is composed of around 1,780 islands, and each has something to offer. Its human population is sparse compared to other areas, but its ecological wealth is astounding. Meanwhile, its topography is a large assortment of caves, mountains, underground rivers, vast forests and uncharted lands. Of all the provinces in the Philippines, Palawan is the one sure to provide an adventure. And this thrilling feat was embodied by model Giulia Carolina Vaz through the lens of photographer Raymund Isaac.

Presenting the youthful and sophisticated clothes of Uniqlo, the stylishly functional footwear of Merrell and Keds, and the grounds of the newly launched Astoria Palawan, Vaz and Isaac were joined by makeup artist and hairstylist Sanny de Leva, fashion stylist Aida Concepcion, photo assistant Jayson Vicente, Astoria Hotels and Resorts’ Corporate Branding and Creatives Head John A. Tanjangco and the team of asianTraveler to capture Palawan’s sense of adventure.