Indian Cuisine From Around The World

Indian cuisine is one of our favourite culinary delights. Across the world you are likely to encounter a variety of Indian foods and dishes. In our latest journey we paid a visit to two fantastic Indian restaurants in Glasgow , UK. Dhabba and her sister restaurant Dahkin.

The Journey To Scotland

Our journey to Scotland was a long one , but well worth the wait. When the plane landed in Glasgow we were greeted with surprisingly blue skies and sunny weather. After disembarking we visited several museums and historical sites we then made the journey out to visit the Dhabba. The dhabba is located in the city’s historic merchant city quarter.

This area of the city has been around for hundreds of years and was traditionally frequented by merchants. Hence the name merchant city. It has many historic buildings and is bursting with a mixture of historical and modern architecture. This made it a really interesting backdrop for our meals.

Dining In The Merchant City

From walking into the door of the restaurant we were greeted warmly and all received menus after being seated. We were given a brief rundown of the different dishes and offers available. Our meal was well presented and tasted brilliant , the portions were generous but not too large. In the end most of our group opted for the dosas which are large bread type foods which go very well with curries and other accompaniments.

Overall our meal was fantastic and a very enjoyable experience. This was primarily due to the overall quality of the food as well as the friendliness and hospitality of the staff that were looking after us. All of these factors typically contribute to a good meal. Later in this article we will look at what specific aspects can make an Indian meal good overall.

The Perfect Indian Meal

There is a lot that we all believe that can go into making a perfect Indian meal. One of the most important factors that can go into the process is the food.  The food quality in and Indian meal should be of a high standard to ensure quality.  What was great about the restaurants we visited was they both made meals using traditional recipes and quality ingredients.

Indian food is best prepared using traditional methods as this can get the best flavour out of the food. Furthermore it makes the food more authentic overall. Another crucial staff that goes into the perfect Indian meal is the staff. It is important that staff work effectively and are able to accommodate and welcome guests. Friendly , happy staff means a better overall dining experience for people visiting the restaurant.

Health Benefits Of Indian Food

There are actually numerous health benefits to Indian food. Many people lack knowledge of the overall health benefits of Indian food. Here are some of the main points:

  • Spices can improve general and cardiovascular health
  • Curry was originally created as a medicinal food and has gone on to become part of the staple diet in India
  • Curries and other Indian foods typically contain many spices , herbs and minerals that can help benefit your health overall