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If you want an affordable place to vacation, that boasts a huge number of cultures to experience, and some fantastic sightseeing opportunities, then there is no better continent to head to than Asia. There is no continent in the world that will offer such a vast array of experiences. Even if you stick to just South Asia, there is a lot to see and explore here.

Vacations in Asia

Travelling to Asia has never been so simple

Travelling to Asia has never been so simple. You can easily head to most of the major places on the continent from one of the major airports of the world. Most trips will pass through major air hubs such as London and Paris.

Of course, once you are there, you will have a whopping great continent to explore. Where you head will be dependent on the travel options available to you. If you are travelling greater distances, or perhaps hopping on over to a private island, then an aircraft or boat may be your style. However, there are plenty of trains, buses, and major road networks connecting major regions on the continent.

Remember: there is now a greater availability of vacations in Asia than ever before. More and more countries and regions are starting to open up to benefits that increased tourism can bring. This is especially true in places like the Philippines where corporations have purchased specific islands (like Balesin) in a bid to build them up as tourism hotspots. The best part is that while Asia is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination, it is still one of the most affordable places in the world to head if you want a decent vacation. As a result, it attracts budget travellers and luxury travellers alike.

Tourism and Different Cultures

One of the wonderful things about tourism in Asia is that you get to experience so many different cultures.

As you may well know, countries in Asia were heavily settled by Europeans over the past few centuries. While the countries are no longer under European control, a lot of the influence remains. Take the Philippines, for example. Everywhere you look, particularly the private islands, you will seem remnants of Spanish occupation. In other countries, you may see a dose of British or French culture thrown into the mix.

Of course, this doesn’t mean everything is going to feel European on a trip to Asia, don’t worry. A lot of the parts of the continent were never touched by the Europeans, and they retain a more Asian culture. The places that were touched are a blend between multiple cultures, and it is a real joy to behold. There is nowhere else quite like it in the world.

Heading through Asia, even if you are only travelling a few hundred miles, will introduce you to a wide array of different cuisines, languages, and architectural styles.

Philippines culture & traditions

Tourism and the Internet

One of the wonderful things about tourism to South Asian islands nowadays is just how easy it is to find affordable places to stay via the internet.

Gone are the days where you would need to head to a travel agent in order to book your overseas tour. Nowadays, everything can be planned from the comfort of your own home. We now have more opportunities to plan a vacation exactly how we like.

The internet has even introduced us to more private rentals, which takes us outside your traditional hotel. A lot of these private rentals are going to be a lot more affordable than the typical hotel, which means that they are perfect for budget travellers. Of course, the internet has made it easier to track down motels and the like too.

Those seeking more-expensive accommodation haven’t been left out. Asia, particularly South Asia, is rife with private islands and beaches. Who wouldn’t want to stay on an exclusive private island in the Philippines? While these places are still going to set you back a rather hefty sum of cash, accessibility on the internet has brought the cost down in recent years.

The internet even makes it dead simple to budget for a trip to Asia. You can know exactly where you want to head on each day, and know exactly how much it is going to cost you in advance. This means that your vacation price can be brought down considerably, and all you need to do is a little bit of research in advance of your trip. You will even save a little bit of time, as you won’t be arriving in a foreign country wondering what you want to do.


South Asia, in fact the entire content, is rife with sightseeing opportunities.

Beautiful Asian temples

A staple for any trip to the Asian continent would be to head to one of the many beautiful temples than the region boasts. These are often regarded as some of the best-looking temples in the world, and many of them are located in gorgeous areas with stunning views. Imagine climbing up a mountain just to get to a temple. Imagine what the journey will be like. Imagine what the views will be like. That is exactly what you get on a trip to Asia.

A lot of the real sightseeing in Asia comes from just walking around and absorbing the mass of cultures that the continent has to offer. Sometimes, there is a real thrill in just experiencing a new street where you are on vacation and absorbing the sights and smells. There is no place like it in the world.

Of course, if you are after more traditional fare in terms of sightseeing, then you have hiking trips, boat trips, and a whole host of beaches that you can laze about on. You also have fantastic architecture all over the continent, with different countries and islands offering something completely different. This is why it is often best to plan trips over multiple Asian countries as opposed to limiting yourself to just one place. It is the only way you can see everything that the place offers.

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