SDTM ADAM Software Can Help Fight Corona

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The corona virus, or COVID 19 as it has been officially called, is starting to creep all over the world.  The efforts to try and stop the spread of this dangerous new virus lies in the hands of medical researchers who are working tirelessly to try and find a cure and vaccine.  There is a lot of urgency around the corona virus, and speed is very much of the essence in this situation.  As it continues to spread around the globe, medical research teams are going to extraordinary lengths to get the situation under control.  We want to highlight some of the key things that are going on while this process is underway, and highlight why SDTM ADAM software tools can help speed things up.

sdtm adam

SDTM ADAM Tools To Speed Up Data Entry

One of the biggest parts of medical testing that eats up time and money is the data collecting and entering elements.  All the data from every test subject and every test instance must be logged and detailed so that it can be submitted when it is sent to the regulators to determine if it is suitable or not.  Formedix makes SDTM ADAM automation tools that drastically cut the time and costs involved with running clinical trials.  It is more efficient, and means that the data is always compliant, meaning that there will be no delays down the line.

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Corona Vaccine Skipping Animal Trials

Any form of human medicine, whether it is a drug or a vaccine, usually goes through animal testing before then moving onto human trials.  While there is no law against this process, it completely goes against the protocol of how things have always been done.  The regulators require that the manufacturer proves that it is safe before it goes into human trails, and this is how it works for every new drug or vaccine.

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Unusual Circumstances

While this is highly unusual, it highlights the urgency that surrounds this important issue.  Experts are saying that if the traditional route is followed, a vaccine will not be available for up to 20 years.  At the current rate of infection, this is simply too long.  This means that a new approach was necessary in order to cut this down to hopefully a 1 year timeline.  There are some sceptics that are saying that rushing an unproven vaccine through the clinical trials process is just ludicrous.  However experts are saying that this is the only option we have.

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A New Approach

If this 1 year timeline is to be adhered to, we have to make some serious changes to the way that we conduct these trails.  There have been some trials conducted on animals, however they have not yet been concluded.  It is clear that in this instance where the arrival of the virus was so sudden, we are going to have to break protocol so that we can get to grips with understanding it and get a virus that start being administered to the population.