Tattoo Shops Glasgow Are Getting Global Attention

Nowadays thanks to the rise and adoption of social media within art based communities like tattooing and other body related art forms, local tattoo shops can be propelled into the lime light and given a place on the global stage.  Tattoo shops Glasgow for example have some of the most renowned artists in the world, and thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, they can share their work with people all around the world, gathering attention from the wider tattooing community.  This then results in more interest in the artist and their portfolio, which in turn leads to more and more bookings and clients for them.

tattoo shops glasgow

Audiences Want The Tattoo Shops Glasgow Has to Offer

Glasgow city is generally regarded as the arts and culture capital of Scotland.  It is in fact slightly larger than the actually capital Edinburgh, which sits about an hour away on the east coast.  Glasgow is situated on the west coast, and is a vibrant city bustling with activity and exciting places.  It has some of the best night life, music, drama, theatre and art productions in the country, and has long held a place on the world stage for arts and culture.  Amongst all this creativity and inspiration, tattoo shops Glasgow like Blancolo are enjoying the fresh influx of interest that is being generated thanks to social media platforms.

tattoo shops glasgow

Tattoos Increasingly Popular in UK

A 2015 study found that more than a fifth of all British adults have tattoos, with around 30% of 25 to 39 year olds having at least on tattoo.  The truth is that tattoos have come a very long way in terms of popularity when compared to 50 years ago.  In the past, tattoos were quite stigmatised in the UK, and were commonly associated with crime and violence.  Fast forward a few decades, and the popularity of body art rocketed, with celebrities getting tattoos and helping to further increase the positive perception of them.

tattoo shops glasgow

Tattoos In Asia

The current day situation of tattoos in Asian countries is quite varied, and in some countries they are heavily rejected, where as others they are more common place.  An example of a place where they are regarded as unsightly is Japan, where people will never have visible tattoos to the public.  Tattoos in Japan are heavily associated with the organised crime syndicates like the Yakuza, where hardened members of the gang will get complete body tattoos to show their commitment to the cause as well as how much pain they can withstand.

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Tattoos in Indonesia

In Indonesia, tattoos in society are a slightly different story.  Some cultures in Indonesia actually put a lot of emphasis on tattooed members of the community.  Tattoos for some of these cultures usually mean that you have earned respect amongst your peers, and tattoos generally mark the achievement of something important.  This is not always the case however, and tattoos still have some relation to gangs and violence even in Indonesia.