Transport From Around The Globe

Transport and travel from around the world can vary massively depending in what country you are in and how familiar you are with their local laws. For example in India there is not specific traffic system. Traffic often flows chaotically with no real right of way for anyone!

However , The UK in comparison has a much more organised and stringent traffic system with many laws and procedures. This ensures that traffic and travel can be managed safely. Both of these traffic systems vary massively. Here are some of the main observations on travel from around the globe.

Forms Of Transport

Once of the most noticeable differences you can see abroad is forms of transport. Different forms of transport are commonplace across the world. This is because smaller cheaper forms of transport are better suited to cities and urban areas. An example of this is London. London has over 8 million people and there are hundreds of thousands of mopeds due to the cities size. Mopeds are well known for being a cheap and reliable type of transport.

However travel further north to Scotland and you are unlikely to see many scooters. This is because Scotland has a considerably lower population. Also public transport and car use is overall far more widespread. In Scotland public transport is one of the most popular forms of transport closely followed by car. This is due to the geographic nature of Scotland and its climate overall.

Road Traffic Laws And Policing

As well as the types of transport on the roads , the road laws and ways they are policed can also vary widely from country to country. One of the most well policed countries on the road is the United Kingdom. The UK has some of the lowest fatality rates from car accidents anywhere in the world. This is partly due to harsher penalties for offenders as well as better overall driver training. Traffic policing is also constantly being improved.

This contrasts with some countries in Asia and the east. In some countries such as Thailand road traffic laws aren’t as well policed and safety procedures are often flaunted. This means that the fatality rate in these countries is considerably higher overall. Often tourists can travel around locations in some countries without helmets or protective gear. This can lead to severe injury or death if they are involved in any sort of accident.

How Is Transport Improving Globally?

Transport is improving globally in many different ways. One of the main ways in which transport is improving globally,  is the introduction of more eco friendly transport methods. Increasingly more eco-friendly transport methods such as electric cars. Electric cars are beng phased in to reduce emissions.

This is hoped to lead to reduced emissions worldwide. Essentially the less emissions produced , the less pollution there will be. Most governments are aiming for the majority of cars to be electric by 2050. However there is still a lot of groundwork that needs to be completed prior to this. Transport has come a long way and will continue to develop well into the future.