Venturing to Australasia


There are two countries perched at the bottom of the main Asian continent that often gets forgotten about in travel magazines and articles, so we thought we should give them some recognition.

Australia and New Zealand sit quietly between the Indian ocean and the South Pacific, enjoying beautiful Summers and in some places very snowy winters.


Let’s start with Australia, a deceivingly large landmass made up of mostly desert, bushlands and vegetation.

It is actually the world’s 6th largest country when you take into account the total landmass area.

Although Australia was a pioneering country and does not offer some of the attractions that the rest of Asia offers, like ancient landmarks and architecture, it still has lots to offer explorers.

Australia is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and idyllic lifestyle that many people go out to experience and end up getting stuck and settling down there.

If hot summers and winters are what you are looking for, then a trip to Australia should definitely be on your list.


New Zealand

New Zealand is Australia’s often forgotten about cousin, which sits just across the Tasman Sea, and consists of much more green forests, dramatic hills and stunning lakes.

New Zealand is made up of two islands, the North Island and the South Island, which are connected by a ferry crossing.

The north island is generally warmer and not as cold as the South Island in the winter.

The South Island is a little bit chillier, although the summer months still bring hot temperatures with beautiful surroundings, making it a paradise.

The South Island gets lots of snow in winter, and it is home to several ski resorts offering great skiing and snowboarding for visitors.

The South Island sits right on a fault line, which over millions of years has formed the Southern Alps, a line of peaks caused by tectonic movement.

Because of this, New Zealand has lots of earthquakes every year, with major shifts happening once every 50 years or so.