VHS to DVD Conversion Could Save Your Memories


It can be hard to imagine what it was like to travel before smartphones and devices.  The average traveller will use their phone almost every step of their trips when they are travelling in a foreign country.  Right from the get-go people use their phone to book their trip, research places to go, look at hotels and restaurants, and when they arrive it is their sat-nav, tour guide and camera all rolled into one. So it can be funny to remember that when people used to travel 20 years ago, they would carry around maps, guides, cameras and video recorders.  This was the case for the average traveller of the time, but what happened to all those memories saved on film and photos?  And how can we go about getting those great memories from VHS to DVD?


VHS to DVD Services

There are a number of companies up and down the country that specialise in the conversion of analogue to digital conversion.  Digital converters will convert VHS to DVD as well as a whole host of other vintage formats that were popular from around 1960 up to the year 2000.  While the process is relatively simple, some conversions take specialist equipment and knowledge in order to get the best result possible.  These conversion services are usually cheap and you convert bulk archives or your tapes and photos.


What Do These Companies Offer?

As mentioned, most conversion companies will convert a wide selection of old archive mediums.  These usually include VHS tapes, HI8 video recorder tapes and mini DV tapes for recording videos.  They usually offer photo scanning services, from negatives as well as pictures, so that any old photographs can be professionally captured and held in a digital format or even reprinted.  Some of the bigger conversion companies will also deal with cine reel film.  This process is a bit more involved and therefore a bit more costly, however, it is usually the only way that these old film reels can be saved for the future.


Why Conversion is Important

Not many people realise this, but formats such as VHS degrade over time.  After a while, the magnetic film becomes stretched and worn by the machine, and once this happens you can never restore it to its original condition.  Even just sitting in storage for a number of years will slowly degrade the quality of the tape.  You may remember during the golden age of VHS, if you had one particular tape that you used to watch a lot, it would start to go a little fuzzy around the edges.  Once this starts to happen there is no saving the tape, which is why it is better to convert your tapes sooner rather than later.


Save Your Memories Forever

Thanks to modern systems such as cloud-based storage, you can upload and save any digital format from anywhere in the world.  It is saved on third party networks, and you can access it from anywhere in the world.  This means you can share it with anyone anywhere, and hold onto your cherished memories forever.